The new site/ New owner

Good day all, Im Blake the new owner of

The reason i have decided to take over this page from old owner Rob. was due to the fact the world should know about this fuck head. i myself was ripped  off $400 from this guy not to include the amount of stress he gave me.

Rob was advised to take this website down and understanding where Rob was coming from due to other business ventures and wanting to separate himself from the site i decided i will take over. With the same goals in place being,  to let the world know about this dodgy guy and try and get the money back of everyone who has been ripped off by him.

More things have come to light since this page has been created he is also a tax cheat and i have decided to take it on myself getting him onto ACA and also wreck his goal at becoming a drifter.  please take the time out and send Cheryl an email from FD Asia PR team and let them know about how dodgy this guy is.

Cheryl Tay
Media and PR Manager


That is all for today if you have any dogy dealings this this guy please feel free to contact me via my email.

Black-bonner at hotmail dot com

Thank you all for reading this and lets put a stop to dodgy scam artists 




more dodgy deals





These are the type of items you can expect from Alex K….. Was told it was good for a 500KW+ JZ engine WHO in the right mind would run a flywheel that has been re plugged?  I Feel sorry for the poor unknowing customer who ended up buying this off him

WTAC Beating

Rob (old owner of site) wrote this in regards to what happened at WTAC


So i have been hearing a couple stories about what so called happen.  Anyway here is the story and i got a group of people that can back it up.


Sitting on the back section of eastern creek raceway on the steep hill. watching the drifting

Alex was called over by a mutual friend. I said to Alex are you still ripping cunts off? he then asked “who are you” myself “owner of this website” he then decided it was a good idea to punch me in the right eye. i stood up took about 3 steps before i could grab him and get him to the ground now he was face 1st in the ground his right arm trapped under my body and my left arm around his neck like a head lock. I decided to punch him it was not many maybe 3-6 times in the forehead. Before one of his friends decided to try and pull me off him and could not. i kept punching him till the mutual mate came down and pulled me off of him.

Alex then proceed to tell people he supplied all the drift cars with parts. that he was going to charge me with assault yet i have heaps of witnesses seeing him throw the 1st punch. after the abusive yelling comp. More me saying he was weak for hitting someone when they were down and saying he is a scam artist and him trying to deny it all (as always) i ended up sitting back down with my friends.  I had someone randomly come up to me and hand me a mobile phone thinking it was mine put it in my pocket to notice nope i still have mine. Turns out it was Alex mobile. Now being the good guy i me i gave him back his mobile when he asked for it.

Now I called him out. He hit me I hit him back but I’m not going to be a dodgy person and steal his mobile then I’m no good as him.


After everything died off someone gave me a hat as a token prize for beating him up.  So end of the day I got a free hat a lot of MSGS from people saying thank fuck another person beat him up or someone beat him up.

Now where do we go from here? Well he has blocked me on facebook but please share this page around so more people know about his dodgy dealings and his products not fitting correctly if you don’t own up to it you are not helping the big picture as he will stay in business but if everyone opened up and said how shit his items are then no one would buy from him and his business would close down.


Thanks guys for reading


Alex K got some karma

So for everyone who has ever been ripped off by this low life. you will have a big smile today.

Alex decided it would be a good idea and steal two tires from someone thinking he would not get caught “like always”


Alex ended up getting called out about it and was beaten up in his home garage…. His famous last words was him calling out for his daddy to help him.




ALEX is still selling stuff via facebook groups so make sure you keep a look out for his name and remember nothing he sells is LEGIT it is all fakes and poorly made items.

He has also started bad mouthing other peoples products for sale so that he can make a sale, He also has a close group of friends who are supporting him that will go on about buying products from him his good his good but remember these are his friends not the 100s he has ripped off.


his dodgy ebay accounts

look for the username aussiekidlet and Autotradingparts

( )

be careful everyone and remember to spread the word.





Forum posts proving Alex is a bad trader and many others have been done by him and his company.
His ITEMS ARE ALSO FAKES out of thailand so HKS/SARD fuel rails are fakes. Bride seats FAKE.

Dont trust anything from him HIS MYSPACE… HIS FACEBOOK SHOP





THANK YOU TO SAU For the below information.

Real Name:Alek Kantarovski

Known Username(s): Mines_Datsun, LaL, REDFC, Doridori32, Milk, blitz-gtr, Cefiro_PWA, crazy-sil80, pump^KING^007, turbo33, mazdabator, Driftspec32, Driftspecs13, FAST-GT-R,turbo-uleh, s13rb26, SkylineT04Z, Monsta-R32, Driftstore01, mega-power, GTR-026tt, high-boost-r32, desiredlog, Skylinerun
Names Used: Alex Kantarovski (Real name), “Petar”, Alex Kantar, John Travison, Martin, Ricky, Jarred, Aleksandar, Al Kan

Email: (he’s also known for using various other email addresses ending in “”)

Proxy Used:

Phone: 9449 7731
Mobile Phone: 0404945385
Mobile Phone: 0420243813

Address: 60 Mcubbin drive Taylors Lakes, Victoria
Bank Details: CBA Account Name: making-garage (BSB: – 063172 ACC: – 10188449)
Bank Details: CBA Account Name: MIKI T (BSB: – 063172 ACC: – 10188449)
Bank Details: NAB Account Name: Al Kan (BSB: – 083405 ACC: – 593640774)
Bank Details: NAB Account Name: Aleksandar Kantarovski (BSB: – 083405 ACC: – 863398210) This was the Team BadRun Account details